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Muggin’ Down

For those of you who weren’t already aware, it’s been really cussing cold lately.  Especially for us in Central Texas who aren’t used to actual, real-life winters that last more than two weeks. As with pretty much every other winter, this year my remedy comes in the familiar form of gallons of piping-hot herbal tea, […]

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Attention Craft Trolls

If you’re in serious need of something to put your hands to while winter is still chipping away at your sanity, please do yourself a favor and pay a visit to And preferably on a day when you don’t have anything important planned. Oh man. Basically, Mr Printables is a mammoth-sized collection of free, downloadable, printable […]

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Stay Hungry

Feeling tres thankful for these weirdo tile designs today, partly because they’re just some super crunchy eye candy, but mostly because designs like these remind me to not to get too comfortable. They remind me not to get stuck. They remind me to stay feral and to stay hungry. Source Interior in above two photos […]

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Staggering Beauty

It somehow never ceases to amaze me, how adjusting a seemingly insignificant detail can elevate, overthrow, refine, disrupt, or greatly alter an overall design. Although I wouldn’t by any means define the layout of tile as an “insignificant detail,” pattern work is a compelling example of the enormous power of the small detail and the […]

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Black / Black

As far as I’m concerned, black hexagon tile paired with black grout are totally winning right now. Hell, black tile of any shape or size, paired with black grout, y’all. There’s something about the combination that’s at once fiercely modern and rustically ethereal, and I want to go to there. Allow me to elaborate visually. […]

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On The Grid

For me personally, square ceramic tile, particularly of the 4 x 4 inch variety, is a glorious testament to a simple, well-designed object’s innate ability to overcome certain damnation from the design community’s collective consciousness. I mean, if an aesthetic element as disgustingly, nauseatingly played out as 4 x 4 inch tile can eventually make […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

  Dear White Subway Tile, Darling, I will always love you. I promise. You were and ever will be, in my not-so-humble opinion, the most inoffensively classic tile that ever existed. You’re versatile, neutral, classy, yet sturdy and functional, as easy on the pocketbook as the eyes, and pretty damn easy to install without using […]

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Tile On The Brain

While we were away on our January 2014 Reveiller sabbatical, one of the things that Amy and I did a whole lot of was installing tile. For those of you who don’t already know, homegirl is currently knee-deep in the painful process of remodeling the feral, old house she bought with her fiancé recently. And […]

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Reveiller - Thank YOU, Michelle! Flattered that you loved the cement tile selection we wrangled up. ((( !WE LOVE YOUR WORK! ))) And we’re so excited for your cement tile line! Thanks, Levi

Michelle Weinberg - Thanks for this fantastic post – I love the selection of all the cement tiles you found, including the image of my original designs at the top. Those three patterns were made for a public art commission in Miami. Check my site for a new line of 4″ and 6″ cement tiles upcoming.
thank you for sharing my work with your followers!

Reveiller - You’re most welcome Karin!

Karin Jeske - Thank you for the wonderful article highlighting the creativity that is happening with cement tiles today.

Greenery Chandelier

Need some last minute decor for your holiday get together? Greenery chandeliers, or hanging wreaths, are fancy fresh, fairly easy to throw together, and you can use pretty much any type of greenery (we foraged for ours in the front yard). Change up the greenery and you can rock it any time of the year. […]

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